Max House and the Perkulators

Pittsburgh's Rockin' Acoustic Band

Hi guys
When will you be playing at the Black Bear in Deep Creek again. We keep looking at their Web but dont see you all listed. Please say you will be there.

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Hi there!

thanks for joining up and contacting us.

the last time we played at the blackbear and spoke with them, they were going through some changes in their live band scheduling and strategies and it seems like they are not scheduling us at this time of the year.

hopefully we'll be back soon. if you happen to be there, i guess it cant hurt to ask when to expect max house to be back in the mix ;)

Let me know if you hear anything.


Yes we will tell them we want you guys back!!! Thats why we go there to hear you all. Oh we will make them aware !!!!!


Hey we havent seen you guys fora long time. We are going to try and make it up to the board walk on the 3rd.Hope we will get to make it.




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